Are Sliding Windows a Safe Option for Your Nashville, TN, Home?

Are Sliding Windows Safe Nashville TN

If you’re thinking about having new windows installed at your Nashville, Tennessee, home, you certainly have many aspects to consider. Some homeowners may be chiefly concerned with matching their home’s exterior décor, and so color might be the most important feature they consider. For others who may want to retain their home’s historical accuracy, choosing wooden windows over vinyl or fiberglass ones may be most important. But one aspect that just about every homeowner can agree on is safety. When you’re having replacement windows installed, you want to make sure you’re choosing a safe option for you and your family, and the sliding windows offered by Sunrise Windows & Doors are among the safest options on the market.

Sliding Windows Built With Safety & Security in Mind

Some of the most notable safety features of Sunrise sliding windows include:

  • Recessed pick-resistant locks – Perhaps the most notable safety feature of Sunrise sliding windows is their pick-resistant locks which are recessed into the window frame to provide extra security and stop potential intruders in their tracks.  
  • Optional tilt-in sashes – Not only do tilt-in sashes make cleaning your sliding windows much easier, as they allow you to clean both sides of the sash from inside your home, but they also make sliding windows a safer option because you won’t have to climb up on a ladder to clean the outside of the glass like you would with picture windows.
  • Night latches – When engaged, these night latches extend outward from the window frame to provide a barrier that provides extra security when the windows are slightly ajar. This means you can leave your windows slightly open for ventilation at night without worrying about potential intruders getting in through the windows.

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