We take pride in our products and make it our mission to ensure your Sunrise windows and doors are both beautiful and of the highest quality. Wondering what homeowners are saying about their Sunrise windows and doors? Read the reviews below to hear what real homeowners think about their experience with Sunrise Windows & Doors.

Sunrise Windows & Doors

Average Rating: 4.93 out of 27 Reviews

Highly recommended
The workmanship and great crew that installed our windows was awesome. The windows are beautiful, we will be back for more. The time and care they took in these installations was fantastic. I  would recommend to anyone, very, very pleased.
Long Term Performance
I know this is a little dated but hopefully valuable to someone concerned about longer-term performance. Had my Sunrise windows installed back in 2014 by Mr Windows. Install was flawless (one day) and I have had zero issues with them since that time. Major selling points for me were angled sash vs weep holes, minimal frame size (large windows) and customization options. I have 17 windows and I have not had a single issue with any of them in the six years I've had them.
Better than the big boys
As a window salesman who can sell Pella, Marvin, and Andersen windows as well, I can say with confidence that the Sunrise Window is a better option than any of those window brands. Most of the negative reviews I have read about the Sunrise product, is because the homeowner is uneducated on how condensation works, or the fault of the installer. If Sunrise makes a mistake, they will always fix it. Best window company to deal with and best warranty out there.
I’d recommend Sunrise to anyone
I had ALL my windows and both doors replaced at the same time to my older (built in 1958) home by the folks at Sunrise and am very satisfied with the selection, service and installation! They took my old rectangular front room window and replaced it with a bay, five panel window which adds to my home’s overall appeal level. I’d recommend Sunrise to anyone renovating their older home.
An Experience with Sunrise
AN EXPERIENCE WITH SUNRISE WINDOWS AND DOORS (EDMONTON) As suggested by a neighbor, I joined her and salesman Ray to find out what the company offered. Ray described in detail the process of choosing a window style from a large selection of standard and custom shapes, first from illustrations, and then at the showroom where I could try out full-size working models and also view the assembling of windows in the shop. When I had made my choice, the installers came to the house to measure and discuss exactly what would happen when they removed the old windows and framed in the new ones. When my turn in the schedule came, the installers hammered and sawed efficiently and cleaned up carefully inside and out. Ray checked with me to be sure everything had been done to my satisfaction. The service guarantee was clearly explained in the contract. The new windows have diminished the level of noise from outside, and help not only to retain heat inside during cold weather but to keep the house cooler in summer. ( J.C.S. 2017)
Fantastic Customer Service
The windows are beautiful and so well made. They were in the home when we purchased last year. And it was an important factor for why we purchased the home. One of the windows the Pivot bar broke. We called for the part and we had it within 3 days, Postage paid. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service!

Glad to hear that you are as pleased with your service experience as you are with your Sunrise windows, Tom and Mary! We sincerely hope that you will be just as happy with your windows decades from now, but if you need to contact us for anything, we will gladly continue to honor our Lifetime Warranty! -- Sunrise Windows & Doors

Warranty Work
We had 6 windows and a siding patio door installed 8 years ago and recently fogging occurred between the glass. We sent pictures through the Sunrise web site and a few weeks later replacement sashes were delivered. The delivery person helped install them and took the damaged ones. Best warranty service we've ever received! Thanks!

This is wonderful news, Tom! We always hope, when a homeowner chooses Sunrise, that they will never have reason to leverage their lifetime warranty - but we also understand nothing is "perfect". We proudly stand by our product, and strive to provide hassle-free warranty service should any issue arise. We are glad to hear that your warranty experience was extremely positive! - Sunrise Windows & Doors

Great Windows and Service
I bought my windows and installed them myself over 15 years ago, and they still look great. When ever I needed a part, ( which wasn't very often ) they were just a phone call away. Great people and service can't say enough.

Mike - Thank you for sharing your positive Sunrise experience! We truly believe it is the PEOPLE that make the difference between an okay company and a great one; and it's folks like our Service Team that give us the winning edge! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to service your windows and reinforce your purchasing decision! - Sunrise Windows & Doors

We replaced 2 Sliding Glass doors in 2013 with the APEX triple pane glass package. These doors are great. They were installed in Sept and we could tell a big difference when winter came. The rooms felt much warmer. Very happy with Sunrise.

John - Thank you for sharing your positive Sunrise experience! We are very pleased to hear that, 4 years later, your Sunrise Sliding Door is still performing so well you had to tell us about it! Thank you for your loyalty - Sunrise WIndows & Doors

Outstanding service
We purchased our first windows in 2000. Recently we noticed the wood vinyl was peeling on the windows. We made contact with Sunrise and I spoke with Ryan. To keep this short, Sunrise replaced the five windows that were peeling which one was a complete bay-window. The job was completed today, they stood by their product and replaced the windows sixteen years after the original purchase. This is an outstanding company and would recommend them to anyone. .

Thank you for sharing your story, 'detdave'.
Sunrise Windows takes pride in the craftsmanship and quality of the windows we produce, but unfortunately materials do fail from time to time. That is why we offer a Lifetime Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty; we want customers to be as happy with their windows 30 years from now as they were they day they had them installed.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the issue and make your windows beautiful again!
Sunrise Windows & Doors

More than satisfied
We chose Sunrise windows to replace all of the windows in our 30 year old house in 2013. My husband did a lot of research before making his decision. We love them. We especially like the narrower frames that they have, allowing much less obstruction of your view. Our house is so much quieter and easier to keep cool on the HOT Texas day (It is 103 today.) I especially liked that we could have a white frame inside and almond outside. Sunrise was the only manufacturer that we found that even offered that option. You will not be disappointed if you choose Sunrise.

Thank you for sharing your positive review on our site! We are happy to hear you are still so pleased with your decision to go with Sunrise Windows three years later. Our hope is that you and your family will continue to enjoy your windows in 3, 13, and even 30 years from now! And, should you ever need it, don't hesitate to contact us for service under your Lifetime Warranty!
Best wishes on a wonderful future -
Sunrise Windows & Doors

We had a sliding glass door and two large Windows installed about three yrs ago and have had no problems. They were installed in no time. My consumers bill has went down since we had them installed. Next year we will probable order more o be installed in the bedrooms.

Thank you for sharing your Sunrise experience! We are happy to hear the windows and sliding door are living up to your expectations. We look forward to helping you outfit your bedrooms with new windows in the future!
Best regards -
Sunrise Windows & Doors

Installed 2002
I have all my windows replaced with sunrise windows and 14 years later still looking new, no leaks and they installed it perfectly..

How exciting that 14 years have passed and you are STILL so happy with your choice of Sunrise Windows! We hope your windows remain worry free for many many years to come, but should you need it, remember to just take advantage of that Lifetime Warranty!
Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us!
Sunrise Windows & Doors

Superior service
In 2003,we had our first of many sunrise windows installed. This spring I noticed the seal had broken on one of them. I called "Dan" at sunrise who was very accommodating. Last week I received the replacement window, as promised, free of charge also. Thank you for standing behind your product and servicing your customer!!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address the seal issue on your windows. We offer the Lifetime Warranty because we want our customers to enjoy their windows from day one to day one thousand (and beyond). We hope you have many trouble-free years in your future, but we are happy to help if you need us any time.
Best regards -
Sunrise Windows & Doors

Love ours
We had 21 windows and one patio slider installed exactly 1 year ago. (three were the triple paned due to Western facing sun) And with this winter we had in Michigan these windows made a huge difference. Our Gas bills went down quite a bit, furnace ran less, and house temp was more consistent. Also the 3 triple panes made a huge difference in summer the back of the house would be 20-30 deg hotter from 3-7pm and now it is the same as the rest. I have a tiny leak in the lower left track area of the patio slider if the winds are high. Installer is ordering a new door for our walkout we dident do the first time and is going to fix the seal or replace.

Making the decision to go with a maximum efficiency window - like the triple panes you chose - can sometimes leave people wondering "will it really make THAT big of a difference?" We are very pleased to hear you are seeing the results you had hoped for with your Sunrise Windows. Thank you for sharing your real-world experience with us and all our fans.
Most sincerely -
Sunrise Windows & Doors

Recently, I contacted Sunrise because one of my Sunrise-Vanguard windows were broken. The window was installed 5 years ago by a vendor no longer in business. I spoke with the representative, provided the type ID information off the broken window and two weeks later a new window arrived on my porch. I was very well packaged and fit perfectly. No fuss replacement warranty. I'm very pleased.

Thank you for your review. We hope you continue to enjoy your Sunrise windows for years to come

Window Performance and Warranty
In 2005 I purchased a Sunrise bow window that cost me $3500. Within the last year I had problems with (2) of the sashes - 1 was fogging up and 1 had the prairie grill turning a yellow color on the side that faced the street. Sunrise service techs Dan and Terry came down and replaced all 5 sashes with upgraded better performance panes of glass. They also left 2 additional new panes for me in case I were to have any further problems. The install didn't take long and I was very impressed that they replaced the other sashes that were not defective but they wanted to make sure all the window trim/appearance was the same. I really appreciated the time they took and their professionalism in dealing with this matter for me . Product performance is important but so is great customer service and I definitely got both today. Thank you Sunrise for standing behind your product and warranty! Susan

Susan, thank you for contacting us! We are glad we were able to help you fix your issue. We are proud of our products and stand behind our warranty. We hope you continue to enjoy your Sunrise windows!

We like our new windows very much!
We like our new windows very much. We should have replaced our long ago!
Fantastic Job!
Fantastic job! I’ll be back for more!
A beautiful product!
A beautiful product! Makes a huge difference in the appearance of my house.
I want to express my sincere appreciation of the quality of the Sunrise Windows in this home.
I want to express my sincere appreciation of the quality of the Sunrise Windows in this home. I am in the construction industry and am very critical of quality. From what I have experienced with these windows in the two months in my home, I can tell that quality is a matter of high importance to your company. The windows operate with ease, keep out the elements, and look great. Keep up the good work!
The windows really brighten up our house.
The windows really brighten up our house. We are very pleased.
We are happy with these windows!
We are very happy with these windows and we have ordered more for the living room. We have also recommended them to our friends and neighbors!
Love the garden window.
Love the Garden window. So glad I got the designer glass, very happy.
We are proud!
We are so proud of our windows. They look great!
We are happy!
We are happy with our windows. The quality is super. We already notice our house is warmer!
I would like to say
I would like to say that we had our windows replaced over the summer with your fine product… this was a good winter to test them. Our home has never been warmer. You can hold your hand by the glass & feel no cold. We are very happy with your windows and feel we got a good “bang for our buck.” – Don S. We loved our Bay windows. And, now we have Sunrise Windows in our entire home. We have one window that is original from when our home was built in 1963. You can bet it’ll be a Sunrise some day
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Sunrise windows are expertly engineered and meticulously crafted to provide many years of reliable performance. However, if any part of your new windows does not live up to our quality standards, we’ll be happy to replace it.

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Our Happy Clients

I had Sunrise Windows installed in my home in 2000. We started noticing some of the wood lament on the windows started peeling. Sixteen years later, Sunrise honored their warranty and replaced every window. This is a stand-up company.

Temperance, MI

I had all my windows and both doors replaced at the same time to my older (built in 1958) home by the folks at Sunrise and am very satisfied with the selection, service and installation! I’d recommend Sunrise to anyone renovating their older home.

I replaced 32 windows in my home with your windows, they are fantastic!! For the last 10 years have been putting in windows on remodels with a contractor friend of mine, and my Sunrise Windows are the best we've done. They lowered my energy bills both summer and winter and the style window I picked worked out perfectly with the window trim/molding that we put in. They look so nice and work flawlessly so far (6 yrs).

Ft. Collins, CO

Installed 30 replacement windows and 2 sliding glass doors in Raleigh, NC. No leaks, no condensation, nearly perfect inside and out. Some windows were larger than 5x5 and still no problems. No more drafts and lower hvac costs. Real quality. Check with experts who engineer glass, as I did. They look great and visitors actually notice and comment. Just a happy customer. Nice job guys!

Raleigh, NC

I purchased Sunrise Windows last year for a house I was flipping. I believe the windows were a big reason the house sold for nearly 100% of the asking price. This is a great company. I would recommend this company's products to anyone.

Toledo, OH

A company that honors their warranty! I had their windows since 1996 and the company still honors my warranty. Great windows. Great company. Thank you Sunrise!

Chicago, IL